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Cooling water level for Isuzu 42hp engine

Please can you advise the correct water level in the header tank for a skin cooled system, with a calorifier. I have recently noticed water loss but not sure if this is because I am overfilling it? On most recent cruise I needed to add 4lt of antifreeze solution after just 1.5 hours! Have yet to check hoses and connections.

Asked by: Dave Fearns  | 8.07pm, Friday 7 May

WW says:

The water level should normally be low enough to allow for expansion when the engine gets warm but high enough so that there is still some left in the header tank when the engine cools down.
If you are constantly losing cooling water, it could be that the tank is too small for the volume of water in the system or you have a leak.
The fact that you are adding that much coolant suggests the latter so checking the hoses and connections is the first priority.

Graham Booth  | 10.00AM, Saturday 8 May

Readers say:

Thanks - I found leak caused by the heater hose rubbing against the engine. Will fit a longer hose and check that there are no other "pinch points".

Dave Fearns  | 10.14PM, Monday 24 May

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