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BMC 1.8 Engine Mounts

I have a squeak coming from one of my engine mounts as the power is applied. Can anyone tell me how to determine which one? Also can it be changed by removing the engine support bracket or will I have to raise the engine? many thanks

Asked by: Peter Heath  | 9.38pm, Saturday 8 May

WW says:

You could try getting a length of copper of plastic pipe and using it as a stethoscope by placing one end near to your ear and the other end near to each of the mounts in turn.
Whether you need to raise the engine depends on how the support bracket is fixed to the engine and how easy it is to remove. Even if it is possible, you will still need to support that corner of the engine while you do it. A scissor jack should do the job.
The new mounting should be the same type as the original and, if the other mounts are old or showing signs of wear, you should consider replacing the whole set as they need to work together.
Unless you have a truly flexible coupling like an Aquadrive or Python drive, you will need to carefully adjust the height of the engine mounts to make sure that the engine is in line with the propeller shaft.

Graham Booth  | 6.34PM, Wednesday 12 May

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