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240 V Electrics

Does a 240 volt AC miniature circuit breaker function correctly on 12 volt direct current such as on a narrowboat?

Asked by: Steve Lawrence  | 7.57pm, Tuesday 11 May

WW says:

They will usually work, although the emphasis is on the usual!#
if they are rated at 230V AC, then they most definately CANNOT be used on 12V DC. Also, a surveyor might take exception to them being fitted, for the comments that Jon noted.
Do not try and fit AC RCCD units to 12V systems, as you might have a rather nasty surprise. Also, depending where you put them, some AC units are not very suitable to boats that might get a little damp....

Mark Langley  | 8.56PM, Tuesday 18 May

Readers say:

since they are current operated (not voltage) they probably would, but doesn't strike me as good practice.. easy to think your on the 12v side but actually its mains volts (could be painful)
you can buy resettable trips for various current ratings (5,10,20 Amps etc.) From CPC (www.cpc.co.uk) for pence and they are rated for both AC and DC.

Jon A  | 4.47PM, Tuesday 18 May

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