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Long term hard off water boat storage

I may be working overseas for a few years. Is there anywhere that I can store my 60foot narrow boat off the water for a few years at reasonable cost?

Asked by: Harry Noyes  | 9.25pm, Sunday 16 May

WW says:

I'd suggest simply phoning round a handful of boatyards and seeing if any of them have spare space. A boatyard is probably better than an isolated field as you'll have some degree of security - though, that said, there's been a narrowboat in the car park of a garden centre near us (decidedly not canalside) for a couple of years now.
You might find river boatyards more receptive than canal boatyards: keeping boats on hardstanding is a less unusual practice on the rivers.

Richard Fairhurst  | 1.54PM, Wednesday 19 May

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