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Walkie talkies with head-sets?

My partner is new to boating but very keen to learn. With me on the boat and a novice on the bank (Or vice versa) we need a good way of communicating. I was wondering about walkie-talkies with head-sets. I wondered if anyone had any experience of these and could suggest a particular model?

Asked by: Graham Pierce  | 7.48pm, Tuesday 18 May

WW says:

The fact that you rarely see these on the canals is a good indication that, although great in theory, they do not work very well in practice. They are yet another bit of paraphernalia that needs to be kept charged up and, of course, you both have to remember to carry them. I once reviewed a set but they soon found their way into a drawer, never to reappear, when I had finished it.
Most of the messages that need to be sent from the bank to the boat or vice versa - stay where you are, there is someone coming up through the lock etc, can be achieved with hand signals. If you are out of sight - as at the narrows on the Llangollen arm - you could always use a mobile phone which most people carry anyway.

Graham Booth  | 10.03AM, Wednesday 19 May

Hello Graham
I agree with Graham Booth, they can have a few drawbacks and are regarded some as an intrusion. I owned a pair of the ones sold by BT they had a good range, very clear sound and recharged at 12 volts straight from the boats batteries without use of an inverter. We tended to leave them switched on while on the drop - in charger and even carried them when someone went to the local shop! We had each set fitted with a neck strap to prevent loss of the radio while winding a paddle. They are definitely not submersible!Used sensibly I think they enhance the experience, used without consideration by a "radio enthusiast" they could be a menace.
Mike Jordan

Mike Jordan  | 9.59AM, Thursday 20 May

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