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What happened to budget boats?

Returning to boating after an absence of ten years I'm dismayed to see how few short boats there are (up to 42 ft) and how few with cruiser sterns. There seems to have been a massive move 'up market'. Has this squeezed out the week-end boater and the boater on a budget? Is there anyone producing basic boats along the lines of my old Liverpool Boats 32 footer with Triton fitout or are those days long past?

Asked by: Graham Pierce  | 8.01pm, Tuesday 18 May

WW says:

Some boatbuilders are thinking smaller- watch out in WW for further details soon on well known builders turning their attention to smaller, affordable boats!
It does seem that over the last 5 ir 6 years, the demand for new boats seems to have been in the more expensive end, with possibly potential owners of smaller, more affordable craft turning to shared ownership instead, although that is pure conjecture based on a few discussions with sharers.

Mark Langley  | 8.53PM, Tuesday 18 May

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