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How do I connect a shoreline?

In what order should I connec t a shoreline

Asked by: J M Lindsay  | 8.41pm, Thursday 20 May

WW says:

I am sure I have read something about this recently but I cannot find it. Thinking about it from scratch, I would suggest that you attach the cable to the boat with all the circuits switched off. Next, plug the other end into the shore supply and switch it on. Then go and switch on the circuits on the boat. This way, you avoid walking down the pontoon with a live cable that you could drop into the water if you trip.

Graham Booth  | 5.09PM, Monday 24 May

Readers say:

Thanks a lot. that was what I had thought, but it's nice to have confirmation.

J M Lindsay  | 6.22PM, Monday 24 May

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