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hi what type of licence do i need for a narrowboat which will be moored up in the winter months but out and about in the sumner months, thanks

Asked by: andy wakler  | 11.45am, Friday 21 May

WW says:

If the boat is moored on the canal or rivers, then it will need a Pleasure Craft licenence, or Rivers Only certificate, if not on canals.
Even moored up, it will need to be licensed, unless removed from navigation authorities waterways.
You will also need a mooring for the winter, if the boat is tied up, and possibly all year round, unless you are genuinely continuously cruising.
For more information, see www.waterscape.com or www.environment-agency.gov.uk depending on where you intend to keep your boat.

Mark Langley  | 9.26PM, Sunday 23 May

Readers say:

I have a day boat that I would like to use on canals. I will in the future be looking to buy a narrowwboat but want to find out if I and the family like narrow boating.
Any help and guidance will be very much appreciated

kevin peter sibbons  | 8.48PM, Sunday 4 July

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