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Need to renew boat lighting.

Neew to renew our boat lighting. We need very shallow fitting for the ceiling as low height in old boat. Don't know whether to use LED or halogen. Fitting out kitchen first. Can we see with new LED's say 6 in 8ft kitchen. Only ones found so far are single LEDS £19.95 each. Very cheap and nasty, round chrome and we feel very overpriced, from Rainbow Conversions at March.

Asked by: Philip Board  | 7.49am, Saturday 22 May

WW says:

WW will be soon publishing an overview of LED lighting, versus conventional lighting.
Be warned, that unless the LED's are voltage stablisiled (i.e. can run from 10V to 16V) they may quickly malfunction (much the same can be said of halogen bulbs). This is because the 12V voltage can change rapidly when the engine is running, and when the battery is depleted.
for LED's, www.leisurepower.co.uk is worth a look at- you will find a range of bulbs and fittings, that will allow you to use almost any fitting.

Mark Langley  | 9.33PM, Sunday 23 May

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