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Is there a Mersey Crossing chart?

We are taking our narrowboat across the Mersey from the MSC to Liverpool and cannot find a chart with the relevant bit of the river. Can you help?

Asked by: Monica Darlington  | 11.50am, Saturday 22 May

WW says:

Have a search of the paper based chart portfolio of the Hydrographic Office
cataolgue.ukho.gov.uk/ and you should be able to find the relevant sea charts- however, they might not be of best use to narrowboaters, unless you have sea experience.
You might be better contacting the Manchester Ship Canal Company, and they will recommend suitable charts, and advice for the river. Also, the Mersey Pilots Association will probably be able to help.

Mark Langley  | 9.38PM, Sunday 23 May

Glad to be of help- hope Phyllis May II enjoys the crossing!

Mark Langley  | 11.15PM, Wednesday 26 May

Readers say:

Problem solved - Admiralty Chart 3490

Monica Darlington  | 10.17AM, Tuesday 25 May

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