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What do I need to use a laptop on a narrowboat?

Could anyone advise to me in laymans terms what is needed to use a laptop and have internet access on a narrowboat? Also is there a piece of kit that can be used to charge laptops via 12V on the move other than by using 240V through an inverter? I'm concerned that broadband might be so easily accessible inside the boat so need help on advising everything I might need to get the best signal/access to the internet. Thank you for your help.

Asked by: Marilyn Bishop  | 3.30pm, Monday 24 May

WW says:

Although not exactly the same question, you might find the answers to the question 'Quasi-Sine Wave/Apple MacBook' posted on this website on 15 March 2010 useful reading.

Graham Booth  | 10.41AM, Thursday 27 May

Readers say:

Maplin Electronics sell several 12 volt laptop PSUs, as I'm sure other electronic retailers do. I use an inverter for mine and the mains PSU. For internet I have a 3 Dongle with an external aerial (magmount on the roof) which works in most places. Don't expect a dongle to be as fast as a home broadband connection but it is fine for emails and occassional surfing. Mine is a PAYG. (£10 for 1Gb or 30 days)

Dave Cleaver  | 5.17PM, Wednesday 26 May

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