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How powerful an inverter do I need to run a desktop computer?

I want to run items such as TV, DVD and desk top computer, what sort of power inverter would I need?

Asked by: Mandy Wright  | 10.36am, Monday 30 June

WW says:

I have also found that my DVD player and my TV (both LCD and CRT versions) don't always like using the modified sine wave inverter- 2 or 3 lines appear across the image- otherwise most things function- though noting the comment made about washing machines / bread makers, etc!

Be aware of items with an electric motor in them, as they can need quite a high start-up current to get them going, and a corresponding larger inverter needed.

Mark Langley

Mark Langley  | 10.20AM, Friday 4 July

Readers say:

Look on the rating plate of each of the appliances that you need to use simultaneously. You need the power in watts. Add them all. Get the next size inverter above the figure that you get.

Many appliances will work on the cheaper and more efficient Modified Sine Wave inverters but some need a True Sine Wave model. Microwaves can be a bit fussy in this way as can the controllers of some washing machines.

Nicholas Cooke  | 9.45PM, Wednesday 2 July

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