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Water Filter problem

I wonder if you or any readers can help with a problem we have.
Having purchased a unlined sale-away, and been fitting it out our selves at weekends and any spare time over the past three years the water filtration system was purchased from the Crick Show in 2008, a '3M--s 'WV-B3' whole system water filter--, we liked the idea of filtering all the water, rather than just the single tap, and used the summer of 2009 and is now due to have its filter cartridge replaced, we now find that the company that sold the system are no longer trading.
At the time we didn--t think we would have any problems with obtaining replacement filter cartridges being a well known company, in fact 3M have a distribution centre two minuets from where we live, haw wrong could we be.
This system seems to be designed for the American 'Recreational Vehicle and Marine-- market, and not available from any 3M stockist that we have been able to contact in the UK.
Can you or any reader give us any information on a supplier in this country, they are available mail order from the USA.

Asked by: Don Titchmarsh  | 11.47am, Tuesday 1 June

WW says:

I remember this at the 2008 Crick show, it seemed a good system. Sorry to hear about your problems, a quick search on the net for Diverse Marine Solutions who were the stockists in the UK does not bring any hits.
I think that your best options are to deal direct with 3M wherever that might be, OR replace the whole filter unit. This might be the cheaper solution in the long run.
Have you tried typing the filter code into google?

Rupert Smedley  | 9.47AM, Thursday 10 June

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