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hi! i know this might sound stupid, but is 57 my age, 60 my wifes age she wont mind me telling you,to old to start living on the cut or have we left it to long, toni

Asked by: toni  | 9.57pm, Tuesday 1 June

WW says:

Hi Tony
I don't believe that your age is a problem for an active person, but the lifestyle is very different from living on the bank. I have boated for more than 30 years but wouldn't care to live permanantly on board, a couple I know of a similar age tried the life for three months during one winter when they hired a boat at a low cost out of season. They loved it! bought a new build boat, and as far as I know are still living on board. It's a very large step to take if you have no experience of the life particularly if you give up or sell up an existing home to fund the boat.The good news is you can easily find plenty of live aboard couples to tell you about the life before you decide!
Good Luck

Mike Jordan  | 3.43PM, Wednesday 2 June

Readers say:

hi! thanks mike toni

toni  | 7.25PM, Wednesday 2 June

Hi Toni. Don't know your finance arrangements, or how fit you are, but I am 62, taking early retirement, and am in the process of selling my property and buying a 57' semi-trad to sail single handed, you have the advantage of having a partner to crew for you, have thought about this for a long time, spoken to lots of live aboards and have made the choice to make a life style change, so my advice is to go for it, age is not an issue, it's all in the mind. See you on the cut. Tony.

Anthony Burnell  | 4.24PM, Friday 4 June

hey! thanks for that, tony

toni  | 9.07AM, Saturday 5 June

Hi Toni, when my partner and I moved on board our boat I had zero experience of narrowboats and he had only holiday experience. He was 71 then and had health problems, I am coming up to 55. We were very very happy living on board and even now I am now on my own I will stay on board as long as I can. Some of John's kids were a bit dismissive of it but hey, it's your life !

Sue Harding Hirst  | 2.05PM, Saturday 5 June

hi! very sorry to her of your loss, hope you carry on forever god-bless you tony

toni  | 8.40PM, Saturday 5 June

Hi Toni, It's been a dream of my wife Kathy to live on a boat. After a lot of homework we took the plunge and sold the house and ordered a new boat. This happened two and a half years ago and we've never looked back. Love it, even in winter. I'm 64 now and my good lady isn't. Life is for living, your a long time dead matey. Good luck

Keith Oxer  | 5.45AM, Tuesday 8 June

hi! thanks for info i think we both know what we have to do! house goes not easy these days to sell, but hey one can try, can see boat on way good-luck to both of you. tony

toni  | 9.56AM, Tuesday 8 June

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