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Petrol generator storage

Is it safe to store a petrol generator inside the boat?
The petrol is kept outside the boat and I am aware of the safety issues with filling up
the generator and using it.

Asked by: matty  | 11.11pm, Thursday 3 June

WW says:

The basic answer is "no".
Even if the petrol generators tank is empty, it will still contain vapour, which has the potential (and is very likely) to leak out, as the temperature of the boats cabin alters.
Any petrol vapour would then find its way into the bilge, where it could build up to the level where it poses a hazard.
The only safe place to store a petrol generator is in either a dedicated locker (built lke a gas locker), in a self-draining well, or on the bank. Storing them on a deck above an engine (if a cruiser/semi-trad stern) is also a potential hazard, as petrol vapour can find its way into the engine bilge, where there are plentiful sources of ignition!
If you did store the generator inside, you might find that it invalidated your insurance, as you would no longer be meeting the requirements of the boat safety certificate.

Mark Langley  | 7.53AM, Friday 4 June

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