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The 1908 boat 'LAPWING'

I have heard the name 'LAPWING' being used by a canal boat company - The Floating boater. I have visited this narrow boat in Little Venice, London. This boat was built circa 1912/13.
My father was born on a boat named LAPWING in yiewsley in 1908. Would you be able to help me find any details of this earlier boat please?

Asked by: Anthony Mason  | 7.48am, Friday 4 June

WW says:

If you go to 'http://www.canalnarrowboats.com/FMC%20BOATS.HTM' and scroll down, you will find 'LAPWING; No 43;1913 Saltley/Iron.Regd Brm 1299. Operated as a trip boat on the Weaver 1985, by FMC Lapwing Cruises'.The date listed is that of the boat being commissioned as a motor. Some boats started out as either steamers or butty boats, and were converted by FMC so it may have existed in 1908.
If you do a bit more Googling based on this information, you may find what you are looking for. Good luck.

Graham Booth  | 9.52AM, Tuesday 8 June

Readers say:

If you Google "Jim Shead boat list" you will find a longish list of boats called "Lapwing". Many will be too modern but you just might find what you are looking for. Best of luck. Dave

Dave Cleaver  | 5.05PM, Sunday 6 June

Many thanks to Graham & Dave 'above' for your kind help.
Anthony Mason. Perth, Western Australia.

Anthony Mason  | 3.30AM, Saturday 17 July

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