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We are (my wife a I) about to start planning our life on a narrow boat. Selling our home etc. and buying an appartment and then a boat. Can anybody advise on medical cover, attending GP surgery for monthly prescripions etc. or for more general medical issues. We intend to live aboard and travel for most of the year.

Asked by: Mike Davies  | 11.58am, Friday 11 June

WW says:

The following paragraph is taken from chapter 5 of the revised Inland Boatowner's Book -
"Living an active life in the fresh air may be good for your health but you, or a member of your family, may still need to visit a doctor or dentist while you are on the move. You can do this by registering as a temporary patient and producing your National Health Service medical card/number - which is not the same as National Insurance number. Until the NHS computerised record system is up and running, it may help if you carry some details of your previous medical history.
You can make an appointment with a local dentist but, unless you have insurance, you will probably have to pay as a private patient. If you need emergency dental treatment, you can get details of services in the area by ringing NHS Direct on 0845 4647 or visiting www.nhs.uk/england/dentists."
If you are new to boating, the book also contains useful information on many aspects of inland boating.
You will also find valuable information in the Residential Boat Owner's Association book 'Living Afloat'. It can be bought via their website - www.rboa.org.uk/

Graham Booth  | 10.31PM, Friday 11 June

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