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Canal Maps

Is there a source for electronic canal maps online?

Asked by: Mervyn Charlton  | 5.35pm, Saturday 12 June

WW says:

Mervyn - we're thinking about it!

Richard Fairhurst  | 12.36PM, Wednesday 16 June

WW says:

Although not primarily a map website, http://canalplan.org.uk/ is full of useful information and will enable you to plan a route very easily.

Graham Booth  | 9.58AM, Sunday 13 June

Readers say:

Mervyn, was at the Crick boat show, and saw a canal boat sat nav called water-way, look it up on line, might be what you want. Tony.

Anthony Burnell  | 10.05AM, Monday 14 June

Many thanks for info, I'm wondering if WW has any plans to produce its maps electronically.
Regards Mervyn.

Mervyn Charlton  | 4.31PM, Monday 14 June

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