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GP surgery

My wife and I are from New Zealand and we intend to spend 2 years on your canals cotinuous cruising.My wife has a UK pasport and I am a Kiwi.Our problem is a GP surgery and prescripions,can you help? Geoff NZ

Asked by: Geoff Griffin  | 11.40pm, Friday 18 June

Readers say:

Hi this is a difficult area to explain but hope that the following will help.
1. Your wife has UK passport so I presume that she is of UK origin. If so she must have been covered by the NHS prior to living in NZ.She has lost the cover of the NHS after three months abroad.
2. As you will be here for two years you will have a three month wait to reclaim NHS facilities after registering with a local council which can be done as resident boater which will be classed as your home.
3. After this three month wait you can can then apply for full facilities and a national insurance card will be forwarded to you as you will be classed as UK resident.
4. Before you leave NZ bring a supply of medication if required to cover you for this period and a copy of your medical documents for treatment that you are receiving.
5. Emergency treatment will be provided if required.
6. If you are of pension age over 60 the medication will be free of charge. Also it would be worth while thinking of having your pension being transfered to a uk bank.
Hope this will help
Further reading can be seen on the NHS site

r martin  | 4.15PM, Saturday 3 July

Hi Thanks for your reply.We now know what to expect when we arrive in UK and will be prepared,thanks again, Geoff.

Geoff Griffin  | 11.24PM, Saturday 3 July

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