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Rotary washing line for narrow boat

Hi, we have bought a umbrella holder to clamp onto the tiller and would like to be able to put a rotary clothes driver into the clamp. All the rotary lines we have found are quite large (turning circle of 1.97m is the smallest) does anyone have any ideas where we can get a mini rotary? thanks

Asked by: Linda McLaughlin  | 8.08pm, Sunday 27 June

WW says:

Towsure, and several other caravan supplies companies, seem to offer small, freestanding, rotary airers that you might be able to fit- otherwise, over to other readers!
Not entirely convinced about fitting it to the tiller, though better than obstructing the towpath!

Mark Langley  | 10.40PM, Tuesday 29 June

Readers say:

Hi, Try an Aldi store, they had a small free standing clothes airer/dryer on special offer last week we bought one but not tried it yet. Good luck

philip lamb  | 6.26PM, Thursday 8 July

Hi, managed to get a bargain from Argoe £14.99 for a free standing rotary that comes apart, so we can fix to the tiller. Unfortunately, could not get it before we went away, but am looking forward to using it next time (beats a tree on the towpath) thanks for advice,

Linda McLaughlin  | 8.23PM, Sunday 25 July

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