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Boat Planner

I have used the Boat Planner, but would like to save it into 'Word' so I can add some fine detail with the drawing tools, and also so I can select what i want to print - I have tried the @edit with Microsoft Word' option on my computer, but it tells me to install Adobe Flashplayer which I have done, but still not luck - please can you help?

Asked by: Pip Haynes  | 2.47pm, Monday 30 June

WW says:

There isn't any way to export into another program and still make it editable - though you can of course use the 'Print Screen' key to save a screenshot to your hard disc (or shift-command-3 on a Mac). But we'll be adding an 'export to PDF' option in the future.

Richard Fairhurst  | 11.17AM, Thursday 3 July

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