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Boat security

I am considering putting a GPS tracker on my boat. Obviously it needs to be hidden away. Do these devices work on steel narrow boats without them having to be placed near a window where they would be obvious to a thief?

Asked by: Chris Sims  | 9.38pm, Monday 5 July

WW says:

I have seen several systems fitted to boats- although the steel shell does act as a Faraday cage, the transmission of the signal (through the mobile phone network usually- they have an inbuilt SIM card) is not unduly diminished.
The devices I have seen are combined, with systems monitoring bilge water level, battery voltage, smoke alarms, as well as intruder alarms, and physical movement (i.e the GPS component).
The units have been mounted within electrical panels, or sometimes hidden elsewhere, with a semi-external antenna, but the systems vary wildly. Personally, I think the multi-detecting system is more useful- break ins, stern tubes failing (and so bilge water levels rising) and low batteries are probably more common than actual theft of a narrowboat.
The only downside is that the boat needs to be in an area with a good mobile phone signal, for the SIM card you are using in the system- which is not usually a problem around marinas, but might be more difficult in a deep cutting!
Hope that helps!

Mark Langley  | 10.20PM, Monday 5 July

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