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Semi-traction or Leisure batteries?

Have 4 110ahr domestic batteries wired up to give 24v, charged via Adverc. Get fairly heavy use throughout year (around 90 days on boat, but not live-aboard.
Have always used semi-traction batteries, and have had 5 years use from this lot, but now need replacing.
Would Leisure batteries be a better bet? Certainly cheaper than semi-traction, but almost certain to not last as long. Any experience/views gratefully received.
Has this been covered in a WW article in the past, if so, when?

Asked by: Dave Martin  | 3.12pm, Thursday 8 July

WW says:

I have used 110Ah leisure batteries, and managed around 7 years useage- even with a charge controller. Personally, for most boat useage, I am of the opinion that the cost-lifetime balance probably tips towards leisure batteries, as long as a careful eye is kept on water levels.
Leisure batteries are not as tolerant to high discharge levels as semi-traction, but as long as you don't approach flattening them too often, they should give reasonable life.
With trickle charging (or decent engine useage) over the winter as well- plus good ventilation (so they don't get hot in an average engine bay!) this should ensure long life.
If you search for battery articles in the archive, you will find mentions, but we haven't done a specific test on different types, as there are so many variables, and opinions about, that it can be quite hard to formulate a long-term study that would be both viable and fair.

Mark Langley  | 4.38PM, Friday 9 July

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