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floor ins.

in referb.to our narrow boat is it best to put ins. under the floor or not,if it is what would you recamend?

Asked by: ian the boat  | 5.42pm, Sunday 11 July

WW says:

Insulation under the floor is not often fitted- mainly as most boats don't need it, and also that it further reduces the available headroom.
If you do add insulation, it is imperative that the material is non-absorbant (polystyrene/Thinsulate, etc)- however, the difference felt (especially if you have 18mm floor boards, beofre carpeting/wooden flooring) will be minimal.
Good underfloor ventilation is far more important- adding insulation can sometimes reduce the amount of circulation, and could lead to condensation not being able to evaporate and be removed.

Mark Langley  | 1.01PM, Monday 12 July

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