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problems with international intertuff

has anyone had any problems with international intertuff blacking blistering

Asked by: jake martin  | 12.03pm, Monday 12 July

WW says:

Although not directly, there have been instances of epoxy modified pitches (and other coatings) blistering, near anodes, and also if the surface was not adequately prepared before application.
Sound finishes need either grit blasting to SA2.5 specification, or very careful grinding and scraping. Isolated remnants, either of oxide, or the materials from sanding discs, etc, can cause blistering of paint. in addition, rapid overcoating can lead to solvent entrapment, as not all of the solvent from the paint is removed before the next coat is applied.
If you contact Akzo Nobel (International Paints) their helpline will probably be able to help you further.

Mark Langley  | 1.05PM, Monday 12 July

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