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should i have a thermostat in a chevy 350 motor with thru haul exhaust

Asked by: paul lopez  | 1.42am, Thursday 3 July

WW says:


The Chevy 350, 5.7 litre, 350hp engine seems a bit big for most inland boats! What type of craft is it being fitted with.

I presume the engine is raw water cooled, not with a fresh water system?

The best people to enquire about this are the manufacturs, possibly via the General Motors website.

I would imagine that if running at slow speed, a thermostat would be required, but such large petrol engines are quite specialist- you may find more help from a coastal marine engineer.

Sorry I can't be much help- hopefully other readers may be able to answer your query.

Mark Langley

Mark Langley  | 10.25AM, Friday 4 July

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