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boat purchase

Can anyone tell me please what is the best method of, when buying a narrowboat privately, checking to find out if there are monies owed or if the owner has bought it with a marine mortgage?
Many Thanks in anticipation

Asked by: keith poulton  | 12.00pm, Monday 26 July

WW says:

Sorry for the delay in replying to this but it is not an easy one.
There seems to be no sure-fire way of determining whether a boat has outstanding money owed if you are a private individual.
There are only relatively few marine finance houses so you could try making enquires there but these would probably have to relate to the boat rather than the owner.
Alternatively, you could try to get the owner to sign an affidavit that there are no outstanding debts but, since this would involve a solicitor, it is not likely to be a cheap solution.

Graham Booth  | 3.47PM, Wednesday 11 August

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