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buying a boat

im 44 years old and im looking to buy a narrowboat,my house which i own is on the market 4sale.. My question is ..Are all narrowboat salesmen a**holes? Its only that ive bin to several this weekend and only one was ok,but even he knew nowt about the boat he was trying to sell to me..

Asked by: Mark  | 10.47pm, Friday 30 July

Readers say:

LOL - You do have to treat them as you would an estate agent, as they are essentially doing the same but for boats...
what found staggering was the variation is quality/usefulness of the websites, from the really good with pictures and/or videos to the downright dire. I can recommend Harral brokerage who were easy to deal with and had a good selection of craft. Other than that its just a question of looking round all the usual suspects!

Jon A  | 1.31PM, Tuesday 10 August

Hi,if you have the cash,what about buying new.A boat designed to your spec

jonathan Brown  | 8.08PM, Wednesday 11 August

I presume the best answer is to trust your own judgement and do as much research on the type of boat that you want,having a survey is a good idea. Don't forget all types of brokers are after the sale as they want their cut [parden the pun].All the same try Virginia Currer Marine ask for John he is an expert in this field.Good Luck

gaz bee  | 1.55PM, Thursday 12 August

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