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Hybrid propulsion

Hello -we are having a boat built early next year and are considering a hybrid system ( Hybrid Marine)
Other than the info from the makers we don't have any other information or advice. Can we ask for your thoughts/Advice on whether this is worth the additional expense -which we understand is in the region of 5K.
We do understand the evnironmental considerations but not the economical ones.
Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
Steve Edis

Asked by: SALLY EDIS  | 9.37pm, Tuesday 3 August

WW says:

The package offered by Hybrid Marine is very attractive; offering the potential for fuel saving and periods of silent electric power.
The electric motor can provide 10kW of drive to the propeller or generate 5kW of electric power to recharge the batteries whilst the engine is running. This has two main benefits; the engines power is used more efficiently whilst cruising, enabling fuel saving when coupled with the use of electric power, and there is no need for a seperate generator.
The quoted extra cost of £5k assumes that you will fit an engine driven travel power generator, a charger invertor, and have 9 110Ahr cabin batteries. It does however give all the facilities offered by the above list, and 4 to 6 hours of electric cruising!
It might be worth considering adding extra batteries and going for an all electric boat.
I will be visting Hybrid Marine at the IWA National Festival and writing up the system in a future issue of WW.

Rupert Smedley  | 2.39PM, Wednesday 11 August

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