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Correcting a light list to port!

Our 62'semi trad has always has a slight list to port, made slightly worse by a kitchen refit recently which included granite woktops having a longer run on the port side. Under the cratch floor area there are balance weights welded onto the floor on the starboard side, with space for more. I want to correct the imbalance so the thought occurred to me that it would be easy to put say, sand bags in the area. Is this a sensible solution especially as the BSS inspection is due in 6 months, I don't know if this acceptable? Alternatively should I find a boat yard able to weld some extra weights in to position.

Asked by: Chris Marriott  | 8.26pm, Tuesday 10 August

WW says:

There is no reason why you should not put in some extra ballast but perhaps not as you describe. Sandbags are likely to to retain moisture and this could start to corrode the surrounding area.
You may be able to obtain some scrap metal which is denser so less it needed. This could be welded in place or simply placed in such a way as to make it unlikely to shift on impact.
Alternatively, you could use engineering bricks which are also fairly dense and absorb very little moisture.
Placing them on one side of the bow should correct the list but, if all the extra ballast is placed there, it may make the boat nose heavy. If so, you may be able to add some ballast at the stern.
Any ballast should be placed at the lowest level so that the centre of gravity of the boat is kept low to avoid making the boat prone to rolling.
It's a bit late for you but anyone else thinking of a galley refurb might do well to consider the lightweight granite featured in Boats and Pieces in the September issue of WW.(Granite Transformations 0800 822 4310)

Graham Booth  | 10.09AM, Wednesday 11 August

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