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single handed hire boat

Do hire companies allow one to hire a narrowboat singlehanded?

Asked by: Paul Morris  | 7.23am, Friday 4 July

WW says:


Most companies, understandably, do not allow their boats to be hire single handed. British Waterways are usually quite hostile to the idea as well!

However, in the past, I have hired Asti, a 32ft Brum-Tug from Saisons, based at Whilton Marina. The short boat is a good length, with an extended boatmans cabin.

As this was a few years ago, I am not sure what the owner, Richard Sailet's view is now, but there is no harm in asking! Their hire charges are also quite reasonable. Contact them through www.saisons.co.uk.

Other readers may have experiences with companies that they could share as well.

Hope that helps!

Mark Langley

Mark Langley  | 9.23AM, Thursday 10 July

For what it is worth -

I recently encountered a hire boat stemmed up at the side of the canal after moving over to let another boat past. The steerer said he was on his own and was clearly a novice.

I advised him to reverse off which did the trick.

I am not certain which company the boat was from but I have a feeling it was Alvechurch Boat Centre.

Graham Booth  | 2.22PM, Friday 11 July

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