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Electric hook up

Does a 240v electric land line in a marina charge the boats batteries or is it just for 240v power though the inverter?

Asked by: Neil Page  | 3.34pm, Saturday 14 August

WW says:

The answer is yes and no. The 230-volt supply can be used to power a marine battery charger which will charge your batteries and keep them in tip-top condition. While the charger is connected, you can use any 12-volt appliance without having to worry about running the batteries down. You can also use 230-volt appliances direct from the landline.
The inverter does not use 230-volt power but takes 12-volt power from the batteries and converts it into 230-volt power when you are not plugged into a landline so you can use 230-volt appliances while you are out cruising.

Graham Booth  | 5.33PM, Saturday 14 August

The 230-volt and 12-volt circuits should be kept entirely separate and one should use square pin plugs and the other, round pins, so that there is no risk of misuse.

Graham Booth  | 5.40PM, Saturday 14 August

Readers say:

Sorry to be perdantic but strictly speaking a transformer converts from 230V (what we now use in the UK) to 12V. An inverter is used to transform and also change DC to AC i.e. you have a 12 volt DC supply in your batteries when passed through an inverter this is changed (roughly speaking) to 230V AC.)
Also as Graham mentions you do need to keep the 12V and 230 V systems separate. You also need to ensure that the 230V AC from the land line does not pass through the inverter electronics as this will destroy the thing!

Barry Smith  | 8.22PM, Sunday 10 October

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