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m & m boat builders

This is my boat maker, there is a little brass plaque in the sturn. Does anyone have any info please on this builder, Also is there anyone with a boat made by them.Anita

Asked by: ANITA  | 1.47pm, Sunday 15 August

WW says:

M&M boatbuilders used to specialise in smaller boats, 20 to 35ft in length- and were producing boats throughout the 1990's. They had quite a following and produced a number, but then the builders went their own ways- and disappeared.
Old back issues of WW have some details- and I will dig these out for you, when I get back home!

Mark Langley  | 9.25PM, Friday 20 August

Readers say:

Oh that is such good news, thank you so much, only thing, mines is 55ft can I reimburse you for the issues or will you be scanning them, I am so so grateful. Anita

ANITA  | 9.53PM, Saturday 21 August

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