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paint job??

what does it cost to repaint and blacken(sides AND bottom) a 60ft narrow boat? diy or pro inc extras but please be kind as on a sort of budget

Asked by: Mark  | 10.10pm, Monday 16 August

WW says:

Sorry Mark, there are too many variables to give you a sensible answer to this. The only way you will find out is to ask for some quotes from local boatyards for the professional option, and find a dry dock and price up the pressure wash and paint for the DIY alternative.
You will need to know the type of paint that is already on the hull and make sure that anything you put on top of it is either the same or compatible.
Your plan to paint the underside of the baseplate will please several surveyors who now consider it good practice but you may struggle to find a yard willing and able to do the work.

Graham Booth  | 9.53AM, Saturday 21 August

Readers say:

braunston do it.

ANITA  | 9.55PM, Saturday 21 August

Mark - - as the previous poster has said, there are Sooooo many variables, too many to just give an 'off the cuff' reply.
What condition is your boat (paint) currently? - if it's badly marked, rusted, peeling - then I would suggest the boat is completely sand blasted (or bicarbonate blasted) whilst in a dry dock, and then the painter starts the job as he would a new boat.
Depending upon the colour scheme you want (be careful of using red - it deteriorates quite readily in the sun), and the quality of finish you require and durability will determine the number of coats it needs, but I would suggest that from a 'cleaned' state, it will require 1 primer, at least two undercoats (flatted between coats) (I prefer three/four coats) and at least two top coats
I suggest you would start looking at a cost of about £8,000 for a good job . . . .
and that's when you start to be aware of the value of a good paint job, and it gets cleaned and looked after regularly :-)

David Angove  | 4.58PM, Monday 23 August

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