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New Magazine

Hi im trying to find your new magazine?,that was supposed to be out on sale from the 27th Auguest. It is called The Barge Guide,Boating and living afloat. I already asked at my local whsmith and i didn't find it in the free program from the weekend show till we got home.
Thankyou for your time.

Asked by: sally jones  | 7.51pm, Wednesday 1 September

WW says:

Sorry you're having trouble finding it. If WH Smiths can't supply you with a copy, you can call our office on 01283 742970 and they can send you one. Alternatively, we've now put it on our online shop - you can click "shop" above, and scroll down to Books.

Richard Fairhurst  | 5.25PM, Tuesday 7 September

Readers say:

I'm trying to find this magazine too but no luck yet. Tried W H Smith but not on their website.

Jo Vine  | 9.38AM, Thursday 2 September

So am I I really want to read reviews on wide beam boats :-(

p shore  | 4.06PM, Sunday 5 September

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