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re steel on hull

iv looked at a barge and been told its had to have the bottom and up to water line re steeled with 6mm steel ive seen all paperwork and it was done profesionally the boat is 26yrs old but in very good condition do i need to be concerned the boat has all reciepts for all work done in the last 7 years thats how long the couple owned it for and they have gone for a bigger boat

Asked by: sgpinder  | 8.33pm, Friday 10 September

WW says:

If the rebottoming has been done professionally at an experienced boatyard, there is nothing at all to be worried about: indeed, some boatyards specialise in this work.
If you're buying a second-hand boat, you should always get a survey done before purchase. The surveyor can carry out ultrasound tests on the hull to ascertain the thickness of the steel.
To preserve the hull after purchase, you should make sure that it is blacked every few years, that your anodes are regularly replaced, and that if you connect it to a 230V shoreline, you use an isolation transformer to limit corrosion.

Richard Fairhurst  | 11.21AM, Tuesday 14 September

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