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interim engine servicing for a syndicate boat ...

Firstly my apologies for such a long question!! :0$
After many years of being supported and reliant on recommendations of a recently demised boatshare company, we as a syndicate find ourselves having to find out what really IS needed and what in all honestly isnt needed in keeping our boat afloat without many too hitches along the way.
Our boat (which has an 1.8l BMC engine) has a high usage and I guess on average the engine gets 6-7 hours daily usage.
My question is, just how often should we give the engine a 'preventative' mini service?
Previously we have always been told that the engine should have a mini 'turn-around' service each time the boat returns to base, but at about £35+ a time, this seems a little excessive to me!! (my 2.0l diesel car which works at higher revs but probably only 4 hours a days doesnt get as much attention!!)
So in all honestly just how often should we be looking at having this done?
many thanks in advance.

Asked by: 0ldbloke  | 1.11pm, Monday 13 September

WW says:

Well, given the boat would be probably working about as hard as an average high boat, the best would be a good once-over on return to base (checking for drips, leaks and, of course, oil level in gearbox and engine, as well as coolant, stern tube greaser levels and battery electrolyte), but these could (should) be well within the reach of the competant owner.
An oil change (and filter) on the engine should happen every 200 to 250 hours, depending (though BL1.8's are quite tolerant) so perhaps a monthly/bi monthly oil change would be a good idea. BL1.8's have some pecularities (such as sometimes breaking a forward leg) but are very capable engines, taking more abuse than many- hence why so many are still installed.
The issue with a multi-use boat is that different users every week might not pick up on the little issues, than can become bigger ones (such as developing misalignment, worn bearings, etc)- so prudently, a good check before the boat goes out is needed, but this could be a comprehensive checklist, providing the user is competant. Also, it might be worth having a good service every few months, to check nothing untoward is going on...
Another option might be having good breakdown cover, which includes a decent servicing, although unsure how it works with a multi-use boat!
I hope that helps!

Mark Langley  | 8.04PM, Monday 13 September

Readers say:

Mark many many thanks for a clear and very helpful replied
its very much appreciated

0ldbloke  | 10.14AM, Thursday 16 September

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