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after connecting the shoreline while the inverter was also connected the result is a ruined inverter can anybody advise on a 3 way switch so it does not happen again
thanks Bruce

Asked by: bruce  | 5.07pm, Thursday 16 September

WW says:

Most chandlers will sell a simple shoreline-off-inverter switch, for under the £100 mark, which is very simple to fit and should avoid any issues- though good inverters should be surge protected, to avoid what happened to you!

Mark Langley  | 4.09PM, Sunday 19 September

Readers say:

GS controls make an excellent unit although its not cheap (cheaper than a new inverter though) - www.gscontrols.com - I think they (or someone) also sells them on ebay.
no doubt there are other devices and I know people use two sockets/one plug arrangements, but the proper panel is idiot proof.
good luck Jon

Jon A  | 5.32PM, Thursday 16 September

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