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Axiom Propellers

Has anyone had one fitted to a narrow boat? If you have what do you think of it and do you think it is worth the extra money they cost?
David Lindsay

Asked by: D A LINDSAY  | 7.22pm, Tuesday 21 September

WW says:

From my point of view, I can only go on the two tests that I carried out in WW, on different boats, and, during that test, it was fairly safe to say that, yes, they did make a difference, quite considerable in some aspects.
Several boatbuilders seem to have ben convinced, including some rather sceptical ones. I haven't met an owner yet who wasn't pleased with their prop- but I am sure a number of readers will have their own experiences.

Mark Langley  | 8.02PM, Tuesday 21 September

Readers say:

I was told by someone the one they had fitted was o.k but not good at dealing with weed possibly because of its square end design ?

jake martin  | 6.57PM, Tuesday 28 September

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