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Auto battery top up

Is there a system that I could install to automatically top up my 5 wet cell batteries. The batteries have to be unconnected and lifted out from their normal position to test them and top them up and then of course reconnect them

Asked by: colin  | 12.00am, Thursday 23 September

WW says:

There is a system for auto water top up that is fitted to industrial deep cycle batteries used on fork lift trucks and also seen in electric or hybrid boats. Each cell has a combined float valve and indicator which is connected to pipework linking all the cells to a water supply. When the water is applied periodically under pressure, each cell is topped up to the right level via the float valve.
Unless you have batteries suitable for this system, the answer is probably NO.
The people to talk to are Pb batteries.

Rupert Smedley  | 6.06PM, Thursday 30 September

Your best bet is probably to either move the batteries to another location or, as a friend of mine who had a similar problem did, remove what ever it is blocking off the top of the batteries. In his case, it was part of the rear deck of a cruiser style narrowboat. The solution was to cut a hole in the deck and make a watertight access hatch that could be opened without too much difficulty when the batteries needed to be maintained.

Graham Booth  | 2.35PM, Saturday 2 October

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