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Locating a boat

I am trying to find my parents old boat registered in 1974 named "Country Retreat" and it was birthed at Fennycompton Marina in the Midlands. I would really like to know if this boat is still around.
Kind regards, Susan De La Haye

Asked by: Susan De La Haye  | 3.49pm, Friday 8 October

WW says:

It might have had the name changed. If you can find the index number, maybe in a photograph, BW might tell you if it is still on their licensing system.

Rupert Smedley  | 2.26PM, Monday 8 November

Readers say:

Go to www.jim-shead.com and click on "Boats"

Charles Andrews  | 3.56PM, Thursday 14 October

Thanks for this, I cannot find it on Jim Shead's site so guess it no longer exsists.
Susan De La Haye

Susan De La Haye  | 7.24AM, Friday 15 October

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