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what are the lock lenght limits on leeds and liverpool

Asked by: macca  | 8.11am, Tuesday 8 July

WW says:

In theory, 62ft length by 14'10" beam.

However, 2 62ft narrowboats may not be able to share a lock, as this assumes a wide boat, and as the cill is curved...!

I have a 60ft narrowboat, and have no problems on the L&L- the only canal that is a tight fit is the Huddersfield Broad, where I have a few inches clearance going down!

What length boat are you looking to take through?

Mark Langley  | 9.30AM, Thursday 10 July

Readers say:

what is the best length narrowboat to buy as a liveaboard,

mick  | 10.58PM, Sunday 20 July

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