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Size of fresh water tank

We are having a 57ft narrowboat built; for holiday not live-aboard use, generally for 2 people, occassionally for 4. What would anyone recommend as a minimum acceptable capacity for the fresh water tank? (asking the question as a desire for a bow thruster appears to limit space for this tank; we have also been unable to find advice on our likely daily water consumption)

Asked by: nigel cribb  | 8.14pm, Monday 18 October

WW says:

On average, given one shower, washing up and general handwashing, etc, on a boat, it seems that one person will use between 15 and 20 gallons (70 to 90 litres) a day on a boat.
Most boaters fill up every day, which is a good practice in general.
Bearing in mind that many cruisers get away with less than a 100 gallon tank= and if you regularly almost empty your tank, the water content will remain fresher and easier to contain. A tank of around 100 gallons will also limit trim issues.
Conversely, if you use the forepeak space for a water tank, then it can easily be accessed for cleaning- some people think that a stainless steel tank never needs inspecting for cleaning, which is potentially incorrect! You never know what can creep in that sodium hypochlorite solution can't remove!

Mark Langley  | 9.42AM, Tuesday 19 October

Readers say:

you should be able to get a 120 gallon tank fitted with a bowthruster tube in place

d baird  | 4.10AM, Tuesday 19 October

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