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Our boat does not have the curtain 'retainers' to hold the closed curtains against the hull. Where can you buy them?

Asked by: Marian Birks  | 1.54pm, Saturday 23 October

WW says:

It depends how you want to do it. One simple way is to have a brass or chrome rod supported between two end fittings fixed to the cabin side on either side of the window or porthole. These are placed a few inches above the bottom of the curtain which is then tucked behind the rod. A quick internet search shows that the hardware for this is available from Midland Chandlers, Limekiln Chandlers and, probably, most other chandlers around the system.
If you don't want to see the rod when the curtains are drawn, you could attach rings to a tape on the back of the curtain and thread the rod through these before fixing it.

Graham Booth  | 10.11AM, Sunday 24 October

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