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Vu Qube satellite dish

I have been researching automated self-seeking satellite dishes to replace my manual dish which is a hassle to set up. Any recommendations from existing users? The Omniview VuQube, which is quite new to the market, is portable, would not spoil the roof line and can be located where there is the most open view. It thus appears suitable for use on a narrowboat. Does anyone have experience of it? Could it be reviewed for Boats & Pieces?

Asked by: Richard Holland  | 8.32am, Tuesday 26 October

WW says:

We have had a demonstration of the VuCube, and it seemed very good- the remote control should work through the steel superstructure of a narrowboat.
However, we haven't, as yet, managed to test one aboard a boat, but will bear this in mind for future Boats and Pieces- possibliy as part of a group test.

Mark Langley  | 12.18PM, Wednesday 27 October

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