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Leaky windows !

Yup , it's that time of year , my narrow boat's windows are leaking !
I'm a G.R.P. top , fitted with aluminium framed ( caravan type ) windows , I'm looking for suggestions for the best type of sealant to do a neat , effective job ( I don't want messy bath sealant goop all over the place ) many thanks !

Asked by: Jos Flinn  | 10.30am, Thursday 11 November

WW says:

Hi Jos
I think the best sealant for windows is the non setting bedding compounds which come in the form of a tape about 4mm thick. Its sold in rolls of differing widths with a paper tape on one or both faces to make it easier to handle. Its available from caravan shops and chandlers etc, if you have problems with supply there is a manufacturer in Belper Derbyshire (Arbo sealants) Unfortunately the only way to have a really good chance of success is to remove the window, clean off the old sealant, and re-bed the window. This is not a five minute job and needs to be done with care so as not to break the alloy window frame.
The old sealant usually makes it difficult to remove the frames. A sharp flexible knife or cutting through with an improvised "cheese wire" can help.
Alternatively if you think the leak involves the fixing screws, its worth trying to seal them by removing the screw, filling the hole with silicone sealant and then replacing the screw.As you have already worked out, silicone sealant is unlikely to work adequately for bedding the windows back in place and its very messy.
I hope this has helped.

Mike Jordan  | 9.55AM, Friday 12 November

Readers say:

if you do use "goop" as you describe it,put masking tape each side of where you want to seal then use the goop as per normal{cut a smaller hole in tube] then finish off with your finger,lastly remove the tape and hey presto! goop done and looking good

gaz bee  | 8.51PM, Monday 15 November

Hi Jos,
If you use silicon sealant I can recommend Dow Corning, I've used this on my sea going boats without any problem.
The method used by gaz sounds good.

gerry  | 12.55PM, Tuesday 30 November

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