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narrow boat paint

I have bought a 45'narrow boat that was sunk for 6 months I have completly stripped inside should I use an undercoat before I spray foam inside?

And what undercoat can I paint the hull with I have mechanially wire brushed the existing paint it was dull black

Asked by: Mike Dack  | 7.51pm, Tuesday 8 July

WW says:

I would think that the interior of the shell would need to be at least coated with a primer, such as zinc phospate, but it would depend on the spray foam being used.

As for the hull- it is usual to paint the bare steel directly, with bitumen, epoxy-modified bitumen or 2-part epoxy paints. These don't adhere well to undercoats (apart from the specialish 2-part paints) and need to be applied to bare steel. If you have already wire brushed back to the bare steel, I assume that it will have oxidised- and you may have to do it again before applying paint!

I am wondering, if the boat has been sunk for 6 months, have you had the condition of the hull and stern gear checked? Why did it sink in the first place?

You may also need to replace/add anodes, to help prevent further corrosion. It might be a good idea to check in all places that water may lurk, for additional corrosion, such as bearers and reinforcements.

Good luck!

Mark Langley  | 9.28AM, Thursday 10 July

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