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Lister LH150 gearbox

No oil pressure in my gearbox , therefore stuck in forwards . Have decided to take the box ( and reverse box ) out and send to professionals for repair , any tips on this job ? many thanks .

Asked by: Jos Flinn  | 10.35am, Thursday 11 November

Readers say:

The oil pump for this gearbox has a very thin spindle and projects forwards at the front of the box. The large gear on the oil pump is supposed to mesh with another gear which is part of the main drive adaptor. As long as you support the box and pull it straight back there should not be a problem BUT putting it back is a different matter. It is vital that you align the two sets of gear teeth and if you do not a broken pump drive is often the result. Now another problem. I was recently told the pumps are no longer available so if you do snap the pump shaft or if it is badly worn you may be no better off having spent a lot of money. Check the availability of spares. There is an internal oil pipe that may have snapped and the oil pump has s strainer on the back that may be clogged with debris from the clutch and brake band. I am sure there is a pressure relief valve as well that may have jammed open but I can not remember where. If you have only guessed at no oil pressure rather than measuring it there is a circlip that can fall off the ahead cone clutch that needs checking. At least take the cover off and have a good look inside before taking it out.

A P Brooks  | 10.11AM, Thursday 18 November

PS You do have EP80 gear oil in it and NOT engine oil or ATF/Dexron don't you?

A P Brooks  | 5.15PM, Thursday 18 November

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