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Rudder Problem

I caught my rudder on a lock sill yesterday and it seems to have knocked the tiller up about 4 inches from the deck. It still works but it is obvious that the rudder has become detached from the bottom bracket. I am tempted to get in the water(shallow mooring) and lift it back in place - would this be viable

Asked by: martyn holder  | 3.28pm, Sunday 21 November

WW says:

Hello Martyn
Its difficult to give accurate advice since I'm not certain what type of boat is involved. If its a steelhulled narrow boat, the rudder stock is normally fitted with a socket at the bottom welded to the skeg, and a self aligning ball bearing in a flange fitting at the top. Its possible that the stock has been pushed up through the bearing and is out of the socket at the bottom. If this is the case you should be able to unscrew the grub screws holding the bearing and stock together, and have the rudder drop down again. You should be able to get access throught the weed hatch to check that the stock goes back into the socket at the bottom. If this description isnt a "fit" for your boat, please let us know. A dry dock may be the best answer to allow inspection for damage and repair, getting in the water at this time of year is only for the very brave!
Hope this helps.

Mike Jordan  | 3.56PM, Sunday 21 November

It sounds more likely that you have bent the skeg which will need docking to sort out.

Rupert Smedley  | 1.26PM, Friday 14 January

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