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Will ultra low sulpher diesal ruin my engine?

I'm a liveaboard and have recently fitted a replacement 2.2 BMC engine in my boat, my aim is to try to modenise my boat but keep it as original as poss, if that's not too contradictory!! When I filled up with fuel I was told that the fuel will be city diesal, ultra low sulpher, from now on due to an EU directive. Will this new fuel damage my old engine? When I was a mechanic and this fuel came in to use, we virtualy had our whole fleet of dustbin lorries go down with fuel and engine problems within the first month.
Is there or will there be an additive to put into the tanks to replace the loss of the sulpher?
Thanks, CRAIG.

Asked by: craig sheaf  | 11.16am, Tuesday 23 November

WW says:

A previous answer to this question has been given below, which you might find useful.
The only problem would generally be very old fuel supply lines and, possibly, seals in the fuel lift pump/injector pump- but most engines will be fine.

Mark Langley  | 10.31AM, Thursday 25 November

I should also have added (as mentioned in one of the October answers) that a good fuel additive will give the required lubricity.
The Department of Transport has also indicated that "white" diesel sold for inland boat use can be free of biodiesl (FAME- fatty acid methyl esters) as conventional road diesel can contain up to 7% FAME- this had caused problems in some boats.
Whether inland suppliers will be able to get their diesel FAME free is yet to be seen.

Mark Langley  | 10.34AM, Thursday 25 November

Readers say:

Hi Craig,
I'm not knowledgeable about this subject but you might find the following links helpful (hopefully)..
From narrowboatworld.com
from norburywharfltd.blogspot.com
Best wishes,

Kevin Lockie  | 6.32PM, Wednesday 24 November

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